Do it yourself,
not by yourself.

Tools & Services

Welcome to HOAez. This is a uniquely curated suite of tools designed to help small and self-managed HOAs streamline and simplify the complexities of running a Homeowners Association.

Financial SERVICES

Take care of business.

Manage all the income and expenses all from one place. HOAez sets up your accounts at a partner bank, then gives you centralized control over your finances. Forget the challenge of physically seeking approvals from board members, or searching for the checkbook and signatures. Approvals are easily done within the system, giving you the ultimate financial visibility and control.


We’ll answer the call.

Emergencies happen at the worst time. That’s why we’re on call 24/7 to dispatch a qualified contractor to the property. Homeowners will appreciate having a go-to contact for emergency situations.

Collection RESOURCES tools

Square up your accounts.

When homeowners stop paying their assessments HOAs are at risk. Get the tools you need to collect from delinquent homeowners. From unpaid dues to mounting penalties, this service takes the headache out of collecting unpaid bills.


Get coverage covered.

Insuring an HOA is complex. Count on our professionals to ask the right questions, do the research and secure a variety of coverage options suitable for your needs.

Capital Project Management

Build out better.

When you have big projects to take on, you can count on us to manage the process. Starting with defining the scope and getting bids all the way through project management and budget oversight. Utilize our expertise so you can focus on running the HOA.

Consulting SERVICES

Tap into the experts.

Sometimes you need the guidance of a professional. HOAez was designed to make access to HOA Management professionals easy for you. Whether you need a simple question answered or you’d like help managing your annual meeting, we are here to help. 

Access to Professional Guidance – Flat Rate of $150/hr


Get started today.

Streamlining the management of your HOA is easy. Take the first step by entering some basic contact information. We’ll set up a convenient time to call you to answer any questions you have and familiarize you with the tools.