The tools of the
pros made EZ.

Better Communication

An important part of managing a Homeowners Association is effectively communicating timely information. Whether you are keeping the homeowners up to speed on the actions of the board, or simply connecting the board members with the minutes and notes from the last meeting, HOAez simplifies communication with a separate email account just for the HOA so board members don’t have to use their personal email accounts.

File Management

Managing and preserving important documents is crucial for any HOA. From bank statements to assessments, invoices to bills, the documentation is centralized on one easy platform. Rely on HOAez to simplify the giant task of record-keeping for your self-managed HOA.

Authorization & Approvals

Now it is easy to get board members to provide approvals. No more requiring them to physically sign an invoice, estimate or check. With HOAez this entire process is streamlined. All of the approvals can be done virtually and with the HOAez platform there is a record of each and every approval within the system. This automates one of the more cumbersome aspects of recordkeeping. 

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